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31: Farewell

Sadly, this will be the last episode of Learn Swift. I want to thank everyone who has listened to the show, because it would not have been around if it wasn’t for you.

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30: Greg Szydlo Part II

When Greg first came on the show he was in the early stages of developing his meal planning app and has since gone through several beta and release cycles.

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27: Kevin Potis - Brand Strategist

Kevin is a Brand Strategist for a large media conglomerate and initially decided to learn Swift and iOS development to aid in a project he envisioned for work.

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25: Sam Jarman - iOS Developer @ BNZ

Sam is an iOS developer at the Bank of New Zealand and it’s his first job writing production Swift code. We discuss his transition from Objective-C to Swift and compare and contrast the two languages.

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21: Marc Aupont - iOS Developer @ YouMap

When I first spoke with Marc in Episode 2, he was in the process of finding a job as an iOS developer. His job hunt ended in success and he is now employed as an iOS developer with YouMap.

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20: David Okun - Developer Advocate @ IBM

David is a Developer Advocate for IBM Cloud Services using Node and Swift. He recently released a tutorial titled Writing Reusable Frameworks on LinkedInLearning (formerly known as Lynda).

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18: Igor Kulman - Former Windows Phone Developer

Igor is a former Windows Phone developer in Prague, who switched to iOS development after the death of the Windows Phone and is currently working on a native re-write of his organization’s Titanium-based app.

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12: Asma Merchant - C# Developer

Asma is a professional C# developer who took an interest in Swift and iOS development. She currently has her first app, “My Pain Tracker” in the App Store.

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8: Me, Myself, & I - Inventory Manager

Due to technical issues with the recording and publishing platform I use for the show, I was unable to record or publish any episodes last week, so in the interest of getting a show out I discuss my background and aspirations for becoming a Swift developer.

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